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Our Mission

Let’s start with our name, because it encapsulates our full mission at once. The word Meraki [May-rah-kee] is almost wholly representative of what we are in pursuit of here. This is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with so much soul, creativity, or love -- that you leave "something of yourself" in your work, whatever it may be.

With the passion and desire to heal and help others from which this company was born, our name is ultimately representative. From the roots that our core beings are born from, we have a deep passion for healing and helping the world around us. Every aspect of our creation of Meraki Roots CBD is emulative of us leaving part of ourselves within our work. We hope to not only heal and help others, but to inspire everyone to also so passionately go about their mission that has been born from their roots, where a piece of their love and creativity is left within their work as well.


We are enthralled to be a part of the growing hemp utilization movement! In the future, its going to be wild to see just how much we are able to use hemp and its byproducts for. All of our CBD comes from hemp. Unless otherwise clearly noted, all of our products come from hemp and contain no THC.


Our paramount mission is help as many people as we can. We believe the trope that “your health is your wealth” and to start from the roots up in making sure that as many people are positively impacted by our products as possible, we go the extra mile to ensure quality. With the CBD industry as a whole being relatively unregulated at this time, we want to make sure we take the extra steps towards accountability and transparency. We use 3rd Party Testing Facilities to test each batch of each product that we make, which can all be found here, on our website. The majority of our products are either CBD isolate products, or are broad spectrum CBD products consisting of CBD as well as terpenes, producing the sought-after entourage effect.


When we say we leave a piece of our love, creativity, and passion within our work, we mean that. In what we do here at Meraki Roots, we aim to help as many people as possible. This starts with what we can do for the health and wellness of the body, but in the nature of our mission, we make sure to give back to our local and worldly communities as well. Every other month, an organization or charitable cause is chosen carefully to receive 10% of all sales proceeds from the past two months. We know this is only a small impact, but with time our community will make a difference.